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Everything is a little better when there is cake...

If you pluck a wild ginger lily just before dawn, when the moon is full; you will marry a beautiful wood nymph and you will be showered with happiness and good fortune.

I must have been about 6 when I heard that story. There were three of us, in my back garden admiring the pink bud, poking out of the ground like a cautionary finger. Needless to say I never did verify its authenticity; but that was probably because I could not wake up early enough.


Although I did not marry a beautiful wood nymph, that story always makes me smile. That is why I chose the name Wild Ginger Lily.


It is my hope that when you have one of my creations, and every time you remember having it, you too will be filled with happiness.

"We always wanted Ashley to make our wedding cake and it was perfect!" Dr Audrey Tang

Something for everyone

I have been baking for as long as I can remember. My fondest childhood memories almost always took place around the kitchen table helping my mother bake; and there was a lot of baking in my house.  

Now I combine everything I've learnt with my own unique artistry to create a bespoke cake to compliment your special event. I take great care in interpreting your vision ensuring my creation will have your individual twist. Whether you would like a show stopping centre piece; or a collection of complimentary miniature cakes, cupcakes or cake pops, I look forward to contributing towards making your day as enjoyable and special as it should be.

"The wedding cake you designed for us hit the style of the wedding better than we could have imagined - and it tasted as good as it looked!" 
Mr David Sanderson

For those who require who have specific dietary requirements, I am able to bake and provide the following:









KOSHER-STYLE (“parev” or “milky”)



PLEASE NOTE that whilst we take your allergies seriously and exceptional hygiene standards are implemented to ensure ingredients are kept and prepared strictly separately, your bespoke order is created in an environment where other ingredients are used.

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