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Flavours, Frosting & Fillings

It is equally important for a cake to taste as good as it looks. In my humble opinion, if a cake tastes like something mass produced, it is a disappointment no matter how impressive it looks. If the mantra for buying a new property is location, location, location; then the cake equivalent must be FLAVOUR, FLAVOUR, FLAVOUR.

So let's talk about flavour.



There is absolutely nothing wrong with vanilla. It is quite often misunderstood and definitely not dull. Vanilla is a classic for a reason; it is simply delicious. And it pairs well in a myriad of flavour combinations. Vanilla is like your best friend who always know how to bring out the best in you.

However, sometimes you might fancy something different. This is your chance to let your imagination fly. Think of your favourite dessert, your favourite drink or ice-cream; that is a fantastic place to start. If you love snikerdoodles, there is no reason why your cake should not taste like snikerdoodles. Be as creative as you want; if it is achievable we will do it.

The only problem with frosting is choosing one. Modern cakes have evolved and couples are moving away from traditional royal icing; preferring either fondant, buttercream or chocolate ganache. Each of these can be flavoured to your liking - yes even fondant! Think chocolate. What doesn't go well with chocolate?

If the thought of sickly sweet buttercream makes your teeth hurt, well think again. Meringue buttercream is just so luscious and decadent. It is gloriously smooth and melts in the mouth and can be deliciously flavoured. Best of all, meringue buttercream is significantly less sweet!

If you love Japanese food, you will certainly love this. Japanese inspired black sesame seed cupcakes filled with sesame seed and chestnut puree, matcha frosting topped with furikake seasoned sesame and sunflower seed brittle. Deliciously vegan!

So you've decided on the flavour and the type of frosting, now it is time to choose the filling. All these decisions! It's not just a piece of cake (see what I did there?)...

Flavoured buttercream, chocolate ganache (plain, milk or white) or chocolate ganache buttercream make excellent fillings in any cake. But you don't have to stop there. You can elevate your celebration cake into something quite spectacular by adding one or two more components. Depending on the choice of cake, you can add a fruit component (for example fresh fruit, fruit compote or a fruit curd), a mousse or custard component and even a texture component. A scattering of seed or nut brittle, a layer or two of hazelnut dacquoise or even some chocolate covered popping candy could give your guests a lovely surprise and something to talk about long after your event.

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